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Jet Hockey Training Arena's Hockey 101


Fall Hockey 101 Dates to be released soon! Check Back Soon!


Jet Hockey Training Arena

1820 Pickwick Lane

Glenview, IL




Hockey is the most challenging sport to start. However, once you get "over the hump" It becomes the most empowering, fulfilling and enjoyable activity there is!

Jet Hockey Training Arena's Hockey 101 focuses on perfecting the 7 elements of skating and while applying them to better execution of the other 4 major skills and finally to cognitive chaos game situation training.

Approximately 95% of players will never reach their potential simply because of lack of knee bend. Different than lessons that focus on filling up classes , this progressive training process is designed to give newer players the foundation to excel and love the game for life! It is vital to get the skating fundamentals "right from the beginning"

Starting with the unique "Sumo System" of development,  players will work on mastering the things that "don't change" while also incorporating essential cognitive read and react  game training.

This high energy, positive, super fun program will have determined players enjoying small games and scrimmage in no time.

No activity/sport creates long term bonds and friends like hockey. It is a special club.

Start playing the greatest game on earth now.

Please contact Randy Jordan @ with ANY questions

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