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Jet Hockey's

Dynamic Learn to Play Program


Jet Hockey's  Dynamic Learn to Play Class

This program is designed to give the determined player the foundation to improve and fall in love with the greatest sport there is.  Excellent Coaches are focused on teaching the 5 major skills (starting with the 7 elements of skating) and applying them to game situation play in a high energy FUN environment. 


NEW! 2 day a week option for faster development!!!

•  Age - 4 to 10  (at least public skate experience recommended)

• Dates -

Option One - 4:10pm - Wednesday June 19th to Wednesday July 31st (7 Sessions) - $250.00

Option Two -  9:00am - Saturday June 22nd to Saturday August 3rd (7 Sessions) - $250.00

Option Three - Wednesday and Saturday Combo (14 Sessions) - $350.00

 •    Full equipment is required



Questions? (please ask any questions) Randy Jordan (please ask any questions)

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