Dec 28th - 30th


Jan 2nd - 5th

Squirt, Peewee & Bantam


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JET Hockey Arena utilizes a Studio Rink, allowing players more puck touches and forcing faster decisions, for a unique development system which also offers video review opportunities, one-on-one assessments, clinics, camps, 3x3s. The off-ice training facility is designed and set up specifically for hockey development.


In Canada and Europe, many players hone their skills by playing for hours with friends on frozen ponds or lakes. At JET Hockey Arena, we recreated the pond-hockey environment, allowing Illinois players to gain the same benefits from the smaller venue, which aids in developing the most important skills like puck possession, stick- handling, and skating agility. If a player is successful at JET Hockey Arena, their skill set easily transfers to a full sheet of ice.

1820 Pickwick Ln. Glenview, Illinois